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Using the information from the back story,(link below this paragraph), write a post in this community, please write in third person. The post should take your character from a location in his/her fandom to the space behind the evil queen's mirror.

Be prepared to interact with theshard, written by one of our moderators. This post serves as your application.


During the thread, or right after the threads conclusion, the moderators will deliberate over the application. Once approved, please post the link from your application, in this community, to the game community.

Include the following information at the beginning of your application thread.

Feel free to read all the applications as a guide. If you still have questions, ask them here:

Player Name:
AIM: (any messenger(s))

Character Name:
Played By:

Mythology: N/A
Location: Behind the Mirror
Who:[Character Name] and theshard


“The vengeful dwarfs, alerted by the woodland animals who recognize her, chase the Queen up a cliff and trap her. She tries to roll a boulder over them but before she can do so, lightning strikes the cliff, causing her to fall to her death.”

Like fine crystal, her body shattered when it hit the rocks beneath. Slivers of evil spread throughout the land. So vile was she, that the remains of her own essence. As her energy dissipated, it found new life in the mirror on wall.

Alas the glass was only strong enough to hold a fleeting reflection, and so it broke. Malevolent shards on the wings of her curse, dispersed. Quietly the millions of pieces waited in the darkness, ready to possess each mirror made by man.

Behind the Mirror lives a reflected world waiting for the next victim to walk through the looking glass.